Joanna, The Massage Specialist creates a Spa-like environment by bringing the couch, linens, warmers, music,

scents and choice of natural and aromatherapy oils to you.

After the massage therapy, advice on aftercare and home exercises

will help you continue the benefits of the massage.

Types of Massage


Holistic massage  is a effective, natural way to ease some of the common mind and body discomforts experienced,

such as aching muscles and feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. Each massage can be tailored to your needs. 


Remedial Massage can be used to target specific areas causing aches and pain, decreasing muscle tension or increasing range of movement, improving existing conditions as well as preventing potential body problems and injuries. Clients have shown significant improvements with back, neck and shoulder aches, pains and joint restrictions, severe headaches, piriformis release, hip and knee aches, and sporting injuries. Choose from either my signature therapeutic massage, back, neck and shoulder massage or a sports massage.

Aromatherapy Massage combines a wide array of 100% natural essential oils that provide healing, soothing, and relaxing effects, selected for your needs. The essential oils can be used to complement both holistic and remedial massage. Frankincense for relaxation, Black Pepper for muscle aches and Neroli for depression are frequent massage oil requests.

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You can book online or contact Joanna directly for more information and availability.

As a safety precaution, the first appointments for new male clients can only be booked by referral from an existing client or during the same visit as a female client.


The Vegan massage oils used are 100% pure oil. No added preservatives, chemicals or dispersants.

The oils not only bring the amazing aromas but they also leave the skin well nourished and hydrated.

None of the oils and products are tested on animals. 

The time booked for the massage is the length of the treatment, please allow a further 10-15 minutes for set up and aftercare advice. First time appointments should allow an extra 30 minutes.

For same day, multiple treatments or group appointments please call, text or email Joanna.

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