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Busy Lifestyle? 5 Wellness tips...

Drink more water. When you’re often busy, it can be hard to get in your daily water intake right. Drinking plenty of H2O also helps keep you invigorated, and extra focused. Squeeze in a little lemon juice for a detoxifying boost that will also help to encourage digestion.

Buying a water bottle that you can refill along the way, not only reduces your plastic waste, but also helps to remind yourself to drink up. Keeping a water bottle at your desk also means that you get up from the desk to refill the bottle – added bonus!

Stress Reliever. Stress can have such a negative effect on both physical and mental health. Find your go to instant stress reducer such as; deep breathing, stretching, your own green tea ritual, or inhaling your favourite aromatherapy oil. Frankincense and lavender are my go-to oils. Take time out both in times of stress and when there are moments of peace and quiet to practice your stress reducer.

Keep moving. There will be days when there just isn’t time for the gym but there is no excuse for not moving. Desk exercises are fantastic 5 minute movements to keep those joints supple and help the desk worker posture. Try some shoulder shrugs, neck side bends, ankle circles and piano toes – even small movements help. Take the stairs, take a walk in your lunch break, miss the bus deliberately – the small things all add up!

Go multi-coloured. Not all snacks need to come in wrappers! Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of different colours helps to increase the anti-oxidant content, fights inflammation in our body, helps to improve our immune system, and supports our health. Take along a tub of sliced bell pepper, cucumber, apple and whole baby tomatoes. They make for a healthy colourful snack that can be easily eaten without sticky fingers!

Me time. Whatever ‘me time’ means to you, make sure you schedule it into your diary in pen. No excuses, you must make time for yourself. Schedule a massage, complete a jigsaw puzzle, read that last chapter of the book, swim 20 lengths, take a long hot bath, daydream…. It’s amazing what one hour of me time can do for you whether mentally or physically.


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