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Top 5 reasons for Workplace Massage

Is having an On-site Massage in the workplace a good idea for your teams physical and mental well-being?

Yes – massages shouldn’t be considered a luxury but a necessity for the health and happiness of your employees.

These are my top 5 reasons.

Stress reduction

An advocate of the need to manage stress whether in the workplace or at home. Stress reduction must be my top reason for workplace massage. Over 60% of Workplace Wellness employees I massage, when asked what they would like from a massage, say stress reduction. Each individual experiences stress in their own way and for their own unique reasons and a tailored massage allows them time to take their focus off this and help them heal.

Move a muscle

Many employees spend hours sat in the same position, and often after driving in a similar position to work. This lack of movement is not natural for the body and can cause both short and long term problems with posture and muscle tension.

A 20 minute massage not only reduces tension, but helps to relieve general aches and pains. Offer a back, neck and shoulder massage (in the comfort of a private room) and your employees will have a massage tailored to their body’s needs.

Encourage productivity

Classic massage techniques increase blood flow, waking up all the cells and encouraging the brain back into action.

Time the massage for the point in the day when your team becomes least productive – often after lunch or during the afternoon lull – and a short workplace massage will increase alertness and often increases productivity.

A short massage can be the reset button needed to stimulate activity for the rest of the day.

Boost morale

The With Ease Workplace Wellness massages are designed to boost endorphins – the feel good messengers in the body. Even a 15 minute massage will increase the endorphin level high enough for your team members to feel good. There’s nothing more satisfying for both massage therapist and the employee when they walk away from their massage feeling a different person.

Showing you care

On site Massage Therapy is known to reduce anxiety , stress, mood swings and depression, not to forget any physical help that a massage provides. Actively promoting a culture of care in your workplace, showing that team that you genuinely care about the physical and emotional well-being will be appreciated by team.

As a recent healthcare employee said after a 30 minute massage, ‘It was a real treat, something that was tailored just for me, and shows that my manager really appreciates me and how physically demanding my job is’.

One of the lastest ideas, is providing a massage gift card to the employee of the month, so that they are given an hours relaxation at home, at their convenience.

If you are looking to design a Workplace Wellness massage programme for your business, whether it be as a one off treat or on a regular basis, please do get in contact.


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