Below are some of the questions I am often asked.

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I hold qualifications in and actively practice: Swedish Full Body Massage Indian Head Massage Sports Massage Acupressure Massage Facials and Facial Massage Aromatherapy Massage Soft Tissue Manipulation Anatomy and Physiology Health and Safety I am currenty studying my Masters of Osteopathy and therefore have a high level understanding of anatomy and physiology. I take continued professional development seriously, and have completed workshops in Advance Stretching and Mobility, Postural Analysis and Movement correction, and Functional Nutrition. In the past year I have added to my knowledge with Melanoma and Skin Cancer Workshops, Cancer Awareness, Covid 19 Health and Safety and Neurolinguistic programming. I am registered with and a full member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists which is the leading professional Association for Therapists in The UK. I am fully insured by Hiscox Insurance. I hold an advanced DBS Check.


I am not medically qualified to diagnose conditions and recommend that you visit a medical health professional if you are seeking a diagnosis.

Prior to commencing a massage, we will talk through a consultation to ensure I understand your concerns and needs. During the massage, I will be noting how your body is reacting the therapy, and will use this to advise on future therapies, however this is not a diagnosis of a condition.


I will arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment time to set up the room for your massage.

Choose a room where you will be comfortable and I can create a suitable environment.

I kindly ask that you choose a ground floor room as I carry a large amount of equipment!

Please adjust the heating so that you will be comfortable under linens and a blanket for your massage and ensure that there is enough space to allow me to move easily around the mobile massage table - at least 2 metres wide, and 3.25 metres long. I will need access to a power plug for the couch warmer. I provide all the necessary equipment.

Please dress in lounge clothes or dressing gown, or have them close to hand so you don't have to fully re-dress after the treatment and can continue to relax.

Due to the Covid situation, I would ask please that you kindly shower prior to the massage, and wash your hands again before the massage.


The first appointment will last approximately 15 minutes longer than the massage time booked.

We will fill out a consultation form, talking through your wants and needs, any medical matters, and discuss the treatment that has been chosen. We will decide on any areas you would like to focus on, or avoid, and ensure that you are happy with the suggestions.

The massage will then be completed and afterwards we will have a brief discussion on aftercare and any recommendations.


I provide a discreet and professional service, draping the body with linens and towels as appropriate, and only uncovering the area being massaged at the time. When I leave the room to allow you to make yourself comfy on the massage table, I will advise what clothing is best removed. Underpants will always be worn. I suggest wearing dark colours as massage oils may stain. Please remove jewellery prior to your massage.

Should you prefer not to remove any clothing, please contact me and I can talk you through the massage options which are designed to be completed clothed.

For Sports massage, I recommend wearing shorts if it is likely that stretches or leg movements will be required.


Make yourself comfortable and relax. Some people like to have a chat, others prefer to switch off or even fall asleep. I would be very happy to talk you through what I am doing if you would like, and answer any questions you may have.

For full body massage, it will be necessary to turn over. I will assist you with this whilst maintaining your privacy with the linens and towels.

Should you have any questions or want changes during the therapy, just ask.


Absolutely. You can ask to pause or stop the massage at any time.

Please bear in mind that it is unlikely to be possible to extend the massage time from the appointment booked due to following appointments.

I highly recommend not having your phone with you during a massage!


There is no prescribed frequency for massage. Each person has their own massage needs whether it be to ease a chronic matter, to assist with a current issue, maintain health and wellbeing, or to enjoy some pampering time.

Whilst massage often provides relief after the initial session, this is not always the case for long term concerns. I will advise my recommendation after the treatment and if a course of treatments is suggested, then we can make the necessary arrangements.


New male clients are by personal referral only or when booked as a joint booking with a female client. Please contact me via phone or email to arrange a referral.


Massage therapies are non invasive treatments that are considered safe for most people. However here are conditions where massage must be avoided. This is usually for reasons presented by the client and for both client and therapist safety and protection. If you have a condition you are unsure about, I am happy to discuss this with you. In order to complete a treatment for someone who has had Covid 19 and isolated afterwards as required, I will need permission from your doctor to go ahead. If you or any members of your household, or anyone that you have been in contact with have any symptoms of Covid 19, then please call/message me and we will reschedule once you have been given the all clear. The Covid 19 symptoms are: A new and continuous cough Fever A loss or change of smell and taste
Below are listed some contraindications when massage should not be performed: Skin allergies Fever Contagious diseases including colds or flu Contagious skin diseases Undiagnosed lumps or bumps Cardiovascular conditions including haemophilia, thrombosis, phlebitis, or heart condition Nervous system disorders Oedema Osteoporosis Uncontrolled diabetes Psychosis Pregnancy Recent accident, injury or bone fractures Operations within the last 3 months Under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please do contact me if you have any questions at all. With some conditions, it may be possible to complete the treatment with written consent from your doctor. With Ease Wellness reserves the right to refuse treatment where it is deemed to be a risk to the health and safety of the client or therapist.


Payment can be made in advance online using the booking site and the Secured Paypal site. In person, payment can be made via cash or card, or With Ease Wellness gift card. I only carry small change on me. For regular clients, bank transfer or direct debit can be arranged. Thank you.


The health and wellbeing of my clients is of utmost importance to me, and therefore I have strict Health and Safety policies in place. A full risk assessment has been carried out to ensure that I visit your home in the most secure manner for you. Please see the full details below: THERAPIST PREVENTION Due to the nature of this role, and the health concerns within my family, we continue to limit social contact. I am keeping a temperature chart and due to my Osteopathy studies I am up to date on the latest research into the virus. ADVANCE PAPERWORK AND APPOINTMENT I will email you a health form to complete prior to your appointment. This is to ensure it is safe to visit your home. If there is any possibility that you may have been in contact with someone who has the virus, or you have been contacted by track and trace, or are required to self isolate, please postpone your appointment until the advised time. If you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid, please contact me and we will postpone your appointment. For more details on the medical aspects of COVID, please see my FAQ about medical conditions. PPE I will be wearing a face visor and a face mask throughout the appointment. I will travel with a further range of PPE for anyone who would like me to wear further PPE. This includes gloves, (recommended only for clothed massage), full length plastic aprons and closed glasses. All my PPE is sourced from UK suppliers and is medical grade. My uniform tunic will as always be fresh laundered for each appointment. As per the latest government guidelines, it is now necessary for you to wear a mask for your treatment. ENTERING YOUR HOUSE Please can I ask that you choose a room on the ground floor, due to the amount of equipment I am carrying. Please ensure that other household members are not located within the same room. The government requirements state that you should wear a mask for the visit. TREATMENTS In order to minimise the risk, I will be completing treatments that last a maximum of 90 minutes. Please kindly shower prior to the appointment, and wash your hands immediately before the massage. LINENS All clients receive a full set of 90 degree laundered sheets, towels and blankets, which are packed into sealable bags immediately following laundering by the therapist. The table and carrier is fully disinfected using medical grade products between clients. My uniform is also freshly laundered for each client. ACCESS TO WATER Please can I ask that you provide access to a sink so that I may wash my hands before and after treatment. I will of course, continue to carry my own hand cleanser and towel. POST TREATMENT ADVICE AND EXERCISES Post treatment advice will be provided on my usual postcard. Suggested exercises will now be sent to you in document form following the treatment, with both a photo and video of how to perform the exercise. I will of course be available via phone or zoom to discuss these should you wish after the appointment. I hope that this provides you with the reassurance that I am focused on providing a safe service to you. Please do contact me if you have any questions at all.


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