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Sarah - Chertsey -Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

I have had several massages with Joanna and I really look forward to them. I have tight shoulders and lower back pain being at my desk all day and she manages to relax them, and often sends me to sleep!  I know after each massage that I will feel totally de-stressed and relaxed. 

Jayne - Weybridge - Therapeutic Massage

Joanna has been working on my bad back since the beginning of the year. (2018) She knows how to adjust the massage pressure to suit the day, sometimes I ache and need a gentle relaxing massage, but she also knows how to manipulate my shoulders to release the pain. She understands me and is happy to change her style to my needs.  

Caroline - Weybridge - Therapeutic Massage /Lymphatic Drainage

Joanna has been visiting me in my home for several years (lockdown permitting) to help me with my chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia. Not only can she help me with her hands, but she is happy to listen to me and has even given me advice about my posture, sleeping position and helped me find some gentle exercises that do not leave me exhausted.

Nadine -Knaphill - Therapeutic Massage

That was hands down one of the best massages I have ever had. I loved your thorough approach and targeting problem areas rather than just a bit everywhere. Thank you for such amazing professional service!

This is amazing!! Just had the best relaxing massage with lovely Joanna. She came to my home and set up a  really comfy, cosy bed and away she went! Some people just have magic hands and she def does. Just what the doctor ordered to keep the injuries away.

Sarah- Oxshott - Therapeutic Massage (Review via Instagram)

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