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Why the Passion Flower?

I have had many comments on the passion flower drawing in the With Ease Wellness logo. How beautiful it is, somewhat mesmerising, how exotic, eye-catching… along with what is it!

I choose the passion flower logo as I felt it represented what I wanted the business to be known for.

Logo for With Ease Wellness - Massage therapist, Walton on thames and surrounds.

Inspired by Nature.

Having spent most of my childhood in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by stunning gardens, woodland and even a large orchard and kitchen garden, I learnt a great deal about plants, their uses and how they can be beneficial to us. Whilst I cannot claim to be particularly green-fingered, I love to relax in the garden, tend to my aromatherapy herbs, or take a long walk along the Thames. Outside my front door, grows a beautiful purple passion flower, a lovely ‘welcome home’!

I use pure oils derived from plants, herbs, and flowers for my massage treatments. The massage oils are vegan and sustainably sourced and many of the ingredients are grown in the UK. These pure oils do not contain any chemical nasties, and due to their consistency and lipid content, ensure the right glide on the skin, and nourish and hydrate the skin during and beyond the massage.

The passion flower was the chosen design as it stands out amongst other plants and flowers as distinctive and unique.

Wellness focused

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Wellness is ‘the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.’

Besides feeling fantastic, a massage provides a number of meaningful health benefits for body, mind and spirit. The Massage Collection is designed to be a menu of Holistic massages combining both Eastern and Western massage techniques, allowing you to choose the massage that most suits you with the possibility to tailor each massage therapy. Focusing on stress management, the area I choose to specialise in, is so important in today’s world due to the impact it can have on the individual as a whole.

The passion flower, and its seeds have been valued for many years for its ability to assist in good health. It is known for its calming, sedative and pain-relieving actions. The most common application of passion flower is to induce sleep and promote relaxation. It has been used to assist in relieving muscle spasms, anxiety, hysteria and hyperactivity in children. Maracuja oil, the Amazonian name for the oil, is thought to be beneficial for the skin, providing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and excellent moisturising properties.

A plant that could provide so many benefits for our wellness, provides the perfect outline for the logo.

It’s all in the details.

I like to think of With Ease Wellness providing an experience beyond the massage. Not only can the client relax in the comfort of their own home, but the attention to detail in all the elements that combine to create a luxury experience is key. Whether that be the depth of the pre-massage consultation, the quality of the massage linens, the scents in the air, the choice of herbal tea, or the self-care tips after.

The Passion flower represents this attention to detail. The intricacies and importance of each tiny part of the flower combine to create a stunning flower, each one special and unique.

To discover the With Ease Wellness Massage collection, click here.

Any information on plants and their uses is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.



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