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Catching 40 winks or not?

When you become busy, stressed or just have a much-earnt night out, what’s the first thing to get compromised? Sleep!

Often we burn the midnight oil or need to get to the office a little earlier, or a little person has a 3am nightmare, and night after night our 8 hours no longer exist. For those that make it to bed at a reasonable time, that days issues or what might occur tomorrow, or how to make a suitable school costume, can make sleep even less likely. The following morning an extra-large coffee, or a 2nd sugar in your tea is the compensation to get through the fog. This exhausting cycle of sleep deprivation can impact your health and wellness in so many ways.

Poor sleep can make you more likely to get ill as your immune system has to fight to keep up. Lack of sleep can also slow down and prejudice your cognitive processes, contribute to depression and anxiety and several studies have shown a link between poor sleep and cardiovascular issues. Tiredness and exhaustion also contribute to poor wellness in many ways, with lack of movement or exercise, easy rather than healthy food options and tense relationships also being a result.

Massage can help to improve your sleep is several ways:

· Massage promotes the release of serotonin which helps produce which your body’s natural sleep-inducer hormone. It also releases other feel good hormones, endorphins and dopamine.

· It can help decrease anxiety and depression levels, allowing you to drift away a little easier.

· Using massage oils such as Lavendar or Bergamot (two of my favourites) can increase the speed of dropping off as the oils pass quickly into your bloodstream through a massage.

· Several clients book in advance when they know that they will have had a tough day. Hours on their feet delivering speeches at conferences, or on a stand at a trade event, often results in painful backs and leg. Receiving regular and timely massage can help ensure that your muscles and joints are well taken care of, leading to more easy nights.

All of the With Ease Massages can be adapted to assist with sleep issues, whether it be by using energising techniques to awaken the body and mind, or sleep assisting oils and rhythms to encourage relaxation.

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